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Traditionally we have run the All Arabian Show in March and the State Championships
in November. We have tried to utilise an International Judge for both of these shows
whenever possible, and have made every effort to “share” the Judge with other shows
held around the same time as ours, to keep costs to a minimum.
Unfortunately, the entry numbers at these shows in recent years have been on a
downward trend. This is an Australia wide trend - very few shows in the Country can
attract 150 horses on a regular basis. As a consequence, several clubs are now not
using International Judges as regularly as they once did. Our WA shows are currently
only attracting between 40 and 60 horses.
The one show that will always employ International Judges is the Australian
Championships. In recent years, we have been able to share a Judge with the
Aussies for our March show at only the cost of a domestic airfare to get them from the
Aussies to Perth and back. We always try to have our March show the week after the
Aussies for that reason.
Our State Championship Show is the most prestigious show on the WAAHA calendar.
The Committee therefore feels that if we are to use an International for any of our
shows, this would be the most appropriate one.
We are therefore going to swap the All Arabian Show and the State Championships,
beginning in 2019. The State Championships will now be held in March, and the All
Arabian will be held in November. We have already secured an International Judge for
2019 who is happy to come to Perth the week after the Aussies to Judge our Championships.
We look forward to your support as always in moving forward.

WAAHA Committee
August 2018



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